Monday, October 18, 2004
Excerpt from Duisterville

(Duister is latin for darkness, so Duisterville is the city of darkness)

Todd Vals raised his voice above the pandemonium that reigned for a short while in his house, threatening to tear it down. "Everyone," he called several times. "EVERYONE!" he finally yelled at the top of his voice. "EVERYONE, PLEASE SETTLE DOWN! There's plenty of pohon left, and we can certainly keep making more. But if you tear down the house, you won't have anything!"

Perhaps it was the appeal, or perhaps it was Todd's charm he exuded even while yelling at the top of his lungs, but it worked. The vastly overcrowded house of revelers gradually grew quiet as they turned to quieter conversation and once again formed a line to fill their cups with more of the pohon.


Todd was now looking through the crowded living room area for Piper.


Todd turned around to hear who was calling him. It didn?t sound like Piper, but he wasn?t sure. There were people pressing against him from all sides, and he couldn?t tell who had called his name.

"Todd, can I speak with you for a moment?"

Todd whirled around to find himself staring directly in the face of Tomma Torstig. She was a tall and very skinny girl with dirty blond hair that she didn't seem to worry too much about arranging properly, at least as far as what many of her friends considered fashionable. Now she was intoxicated with the pohon to the point of having difficulty standing straight. But even still, she looked nervous and distraught over something.

"I think there's a problem with the pohon-."

"What do you mean?" Todd replied, turning on the charm as best he could. But it didn't help.

"My eyes- I think they?re turning a different color- like- kind of reddish."

"What? You've just had too much to drink."

"No really, I've noticed others- I mean- I've noticed that other's eyes are turning too-."

"So? Don't worry about it, it will be gone in the morning," he replied callously, turning to look for Piper again. But Tomma grabbed his arm and turned him around, squeezing too hard so that his face turned ugly. "What are you doing?" he yelled at her.

"It's the pohon," she cried. "It's's changing's turning their eyes red!"

Todd's big eyes now flamed out of their sockets. "Are you accusing Dr. Reproba of wrongdoing? How dare you! Look who he is, a world famous celebrity. Physicists come from all over the world to hear him speak. The pohon will change the world! And you? You?re nothing! You probably won?t even graduate!"

Tomma shrunk back in horror. She was devastated by his harsh words, feeling rejected by someone she had looked to as a leader. But it was worse than that, for not only had he completely denied the obvious, but she could clearly see that his eyes too were turning red.

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