Saturday, November 06, 2004
Excerpt from Duisterville

(Duister is latin for darkness, so Duisterville is the city of darkness)

Caleb Soek whistled as he walked across campus, oblivious that what he had just done had disturbed powers beyond his little group. The trees seemed to whistle right along with him, the light wind and leaves announcing the approach of Fall that had just a new flush of crimson, gold and salmon. It was night, but he still noticed a darkening of the colors beneath the bright campus lights. In fact, everything around him was growing dim. He blinked his eyes a few times and looked directly up at the streetlight, but he could barely see it now.

Caleb turned and tried to run through the growing darkness back to where he was before, but felt the air thicken around him. The harder he tried to push forward, the harder the thickening fabric of darkness pushed back against him. Soon he had fallen to the ground as invisible bars of steel collapsed around him, crushing the life from him. He looked up from the ground to see several pairs of flaming eyes with only shadows for bodies circling like vultures before all became a thick blackness.

On the other side of the campus, Dr. Tevor Reproba faltered for a moment, looking down to regain his composure. He looked back up again to the large auditorium filled with thousands of students, visiting professors, business leaders, and politicians from all over the world, "Are there any more questions?"

A small-framed lady looking sickly and frail stood towards the back of the auditorium. The professor's determined eyes narrowed and his face hardened beneath his swept, glistening black hair when he saw her stand. The student attendant walked over to her, grabbed one of her hands, and gently placed the microphone in her grasp while her glassy eyes pointed in different directions out ahead. It was obvious that she was blind. But to those sitting near her, her eyes seemed to focus directly on the world famous physicist when her strong, unfaltering voice filled the auditorium, "Dr. Reproba, the dark energy is extremely dangerous and causes terrible changes- even death to all who use its destructive energy. You are messing with things you don't understand, and the consequences to society will be devastating."

Reproba's face turned soft and fatherly with his response. "My dear Miss Santifico, I want to thank you for your question, since others in this place may carry the same superstition. The ancient dark energy is a fable of the Mediterranean people, and has never in any manner been confirmed. Believe me, I have tried." He laughed before continuing, accompanied by a scattering of laughter around the auditorium. Then he continued with a deathly seriousness, "There simply is no such energy. The morke energy of which I speak this evening is not the dark energy, and has been proven in careful studies to be completely safe. We have countless careful research results to prove this." Then he swept the audience with his eyes before he continued, "This is a good time to announce our next step in morke energy research. This fall, we will be to converting this campus and the entire city of Duisterville to running on morke energy. We are in the process of building a large, experimental version of a morke energy generator, and the municipal power company is at this moment running transmission lines which will be used for powering this city."

The applause that erupted throughout the vast auditorium was deafening as almost all those in attendance stood to show their universal support of Dr. Reproba and his new source of energy that had caused so much interest throughout the world.

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