Friday, October 24, 2003
Perhaps Allie can explain these:


we got up one morning, hopped on the only metro line in toulouse (after lots of argument trying to find it. there were signs and they all pointed strange directions and were farily infrequent) and wandered through the city. there were lots of pedestrian streets and a huge square in the center of town where there was a huge market. after a while of walking we decided to try to find something to eat and stumble upon this cathedral, saint sulpice (now i have searched and searched and cannot for the life of me find out who st sulpice was or what he did). they have these cool paded doors so when you enter you don't disrupt mass. we went inside and saw this huge chapel. my father thought it looked unfinished but i had never seen anything so beautiful in my life. it was so simple and still had this aura of grandeur. there were huge pillars and tall simple leaded glass windows. the pews were old and wooden and the floor was white and tiled. there was this elaborate pulpit, one of those ones that has stairs to get to it and looks like a little balcony seat at an opera or something. the main altar area was an arched alcove that was all pretty and gilded and whatnot. there were these smaller chapels off to the sides with statues of the saints. we all lit candles. my mother put hers by her absolute favorite saint, st. anthony of padua. i put mine by notre dame de bons conseils.

for a while i sat in the pews and just thought. the church was so gorgeous. it was so white and perfect. it just seemed a place of purity. there i found such clear thought. the silent atmosphere was so inviting. the entire building seemed to be at peace with it's incompletion and anyone who entered couldn't help but be at peace with their incompletion.

um...i figured out why i couldn't find anything out about st sulpice. it isn't st sulpice, it's st sernin (coincidentally i can't find anything about him either). st sulpice is the church in paris that jean-baptiste-simeon chardin attended as a child. st sernin is also not a cathedral, it's a basilica.
(hehe, yeah)

-allie :)



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