Monday, May 31, 2004
David will be visiting this summer - anyone interested in meeting him?

Hi Dean

I am planning to be in WI for the summer - arriving around mid -June. I am feeling a rest will be welcomed, the days are long and the situation continues to worsen for many...

My village is the only "strong hold" the only place safe within hundreds of miles. This is because it has become the garrison of government troops who have literally dug a trench around the village and occupied every street... there is an airport that has become the strategic base for a ruthless bombing campaign despite international attention, even from the UN... it is just bad!

I feel especially for the children that arrive with their families (some arrive alone!) fleeing attacks on their small villages... I was marveling at how the kids seem to cope, I joke with them and they seem like normal kids but then I hear they have nightmares... it twists you up inside. The adults tell harrowing tales in their fleeing - crossing large expanses with scattered corpses everywhere - it is estimated that some tens of thousands have been killed and no one is left to bury the dead. The rains are coming and there is great fear of a cholera epidemic - let alone famine conditions on the horizon because the hundreds of thousands who will not be able to plant a crop this year if things do not improve soon... and there is not peace in sight.

Easter on the other hand was a joy - amid piles of personal belongings that were salvaged, woman washing, others cooking, children running around... we organized a system for using water, food supplies and finished constructing lean-tos wherever possible to get people out of the sun... and toward evening their was preparation of the readings and choir practice filled the air with songs that spoke of "New Life". It filled the air with Easter Hope and our celebration was exactly of that, these people, who have all been baptized within the past ten years (46 of the group this past Easter) and have known little else but poverty, oppression, war... know the real truth, they witness to others and to me; the Savior lives within and no one can take that away from them!

There is a feeling of being unworthy in front of the simple and profound faith I've encountered here at times. I have always prayed to be open to the positive movements of the Spirit to highlight and encourage it so that it could be seen and shared by others. I don't think anyone who lives among the Sudanese comes away with anything less than great admiration.

Thanks for your continued prayers - they are being heard - we too remember and pray for all who are in solidarity with us and all who are suffering injustice in our world. May the Lord continue to strengthen us in his wisdom, peace and love and let us praise his name with singing and dancing and lots of drums whenever possible!!

Pass my special greetings to you mom - and be seeing you soon!


ps. the Lord's Prayer in Arabic

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