Saturday, June 19, 2004
A Story for Allie

Allie has asked for more stories. Here is a recent one that I am sure will become more refined with repeated tellings. A young lass who recently joined our American community from India approached me on the last day of school and told me she hated me. Then she hit me in the shoulder and told me again that she hated me. She is a wisp of a child so there was no damage done, but it was confusing and I am sassy at times, so I told her that it was ok and that I forgave her and that I still thought very highly of her. She let out an exasperated sigh or grunt and said: "OK. Here it is. You tell me why you believe in God, and I will tell you why I do not." I laughed and told her to sit down. I set a carving tool up on the table and said: "Look." Then I knocked the tool over and proclaimed: "That is why I believe in God." She was confused, as any sane individual would be. She did not hide her frustration and demanded more. I told her that the cause of the tool falling was me pushing. Every effect has a cause. I invited her to look around and imagine the world she sees as an accident. Any thinking person would have trouble doing so. The further back you look for origins, the more likely you are to run into a creator. Every effect has a cause, but not every cause has a cause. The cause is what I name God. Several other students had gathered to hear this discussion, and she had no answer, only exasperation. Because the universe is fair and unbiased, I should also tell you that a student handed me a piece of pizza around this time. I proceeded to drop it on my lap. A lovely and supportive on-looker was quick to point out that this was a grand example of cause and effect. It is nice to be ones own illustration at such times, and though I have many reasons to be proud (you being one) I have just as many reasons to not be proud (me being the main one). Peace my dears, in the truest sense.

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