Saturday, April 23, 2005
Joke Jest Jeapordy

It happened that a fire broke out in the backstage of a theatre.
A clown came out to inform the audience of the danger.
Thinking it a jest, they applauded.
He repeated his warning urgently, they shouted even louder.
So I think it will be in the end - there will be a general applause
from the wits who think it a jest.


How do I explain to you the result of pettiness on a spirit? Do you know? I have a friend who is laying in a hospital bed right now - dying of bone cancer. He is a most loving and happy man of God, suffering with great pain at a young age. Where does pettiness fit into this? Some of you may know him - his name is Greg Martins. He is my cobbler and companion and sage and spiritual wit. He is a musician and comic and artist and craftsman and holy man of God. I am so sad at the thought of his leaving me. I am not sad that he will leave this world; this is not a kind world. I will miss him dearly, but he is not gone yet - he is simply laying in a hospital bed suffering and being denied visitors.


On another note: where have you seen rapture in the abyss of identity? What do you do that is inadvertant? When the soul is transported, the only virtue lies in loving what you see - the supreme happiness, then, is in what you have - not what you desire. It is here that blissful life is drunk at its source. It is here that we will live after our mortality has run its course. Have you been here? I am having my share of moments like this. It has only come just recently and grown like a great oak tree. I have had spurts and hints of it - profuond ones that have changed my life. What I have now is so deep and real and painful and uncertain that it causes me to laugh as I lay down for a rest. It causes me to weep as I realize how unworthy I am of it. I have not had my fill yet. I wish for more flames - of all sorts. Flames that consist of a splendid clarity and an unusual vigor and an igneous ardor. The clarity iluminates - the ardor burns. This fire is both spirit and flesh. It is for the martrye burned at the stake as well as for the union of flesh with flesh.

What suffering have you to tell of? What depth is it driving you to? What love have you found to protect you? I have found love - I must tell you. It is both human and spritual. The question is: what to do with it? One of you at least will have fun finding out. Most of you will too - I am confident of this.

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